Digital revolution by designing "AI/ML based" solutions for ever-changing business challenges.

Make the right hires faster with the cognitive Intelligence software


State-of-the-art machine learning and data science techniques

to solve the growing problem of big data to identify and connect account managers with the right talent.

  • Resume parsing & criteria-based search
  • Resume ranking & talent recommendation systems
  • Automated intelligent bots to reduce manual support/intervention
  • Actionable predictive/prescriptive analytics dashboard

Search and Discover

Natural language processing techniques leverage entity-level parsing to find the right match for open positions.

Rank and Consider

ML techniques to build a context-aware ranking system that taps into the talent pool and ranks candidates.

Evaluate and Rate

Interviews are enhanced by text, voice, audio, and video analytics with recommendations to augment hiring decisions.

Hire and experience

Shorten the time-to-hire and increase the number of candidates submitted for talent acquisition positions.


Fullfillment Rate


Live Assessments


Live Video Interviews


Video Answers


We integrate with market-leading ATS and calendar systems to streamline the most tedious and time-consuming hiring activities with

  • Conversational AI
  • Video interviewing and assessments
  • Automated scheduling


We integrate with market-leading test and assessments systems to streamline the most tedious and time-consuming hiring activities with

  • Technical coding assessments
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Leadership assessments.
  • Softskill assessments.


We provide video interviews to streamline the most tedious and time-consuming hiring activities with

  • Private Video rooms for panel members to take proactive immediate deicions and create on the fly questionaire
  • Multiple panel feedback with candidate ranking
  • Video Facial Anlaytics.


The competitive advantages are moving faster, reducing talent turnover and not losing best talents.

As the hiring volume will increase in the near future, the solution will help save account managers

  • Lot of time
  • Reduce cost per screen
  • Improve the quality of hire through standardized requisition matching process.

Intelligent AI Screening

  • 01 No Cognitive Bias

    OPTEVUS enhances human aptitude and efficiency to find the best talent faster, screen automatically, engage talents with automation, connect to existing application tracking systems, rediscover talents, generate actionable insights, and ensure security and compliance of data.

  • We enable account managers to take advantage of a data-first strategy, real-time information, and augmentation with third party sources to improve the hiring process.

  • As hiring volume increases, OPTEVUS will help save account managers time, reduce cost per screen, and improve the quality of hire through standardized requisition matching processes.

Experience Seamless Enterprise Hiring

OPTEVUS is designed to streamline and automate repetitive and high-volume tasks by prioritizing thousands of resumes to help speed up talent selection, find best-fit talents, and save account managers time.

Automation with Speed and Accuracy

With our online platform, you can upload candidate profiles digitally and automate the entire eligibility check process. Our system will take care of verification and assessment shortlisting to make your hiring process move faster with results in no time!

Organize, manage, schedule interviews, and collect interview feedback right from the platform.

  • Multi-level interview process
  • Candidate ranking with multiple feedback channels

Proctored Assessments and Video Interviews

We help you stay on top of the game with our AI-powered assessments that automatically detect fraudulent behavior. Automated impersonation and multiple people detection, plagiarism reports, and code playback for identifying suspicious coding practices are some features found within these tests!

Take control of fraudulent behavior through our AI-powered live proctoring, auto-expiration and randomization of questions, automated warnings and disqualification, secure browser, and granular access control with browser, time, and IP.

Enriched Candidate Experience

For a pleasant and seamless candidate experience, OPTEVUS provides

  • Digital registration and invitation management
  • Automated status communication that helps interviewers schedule and manage slots
  • Chatbot support to answer candidates and post-offer queries

Digital Onboarding

With OPTEVUS Hiring Workflows, you get to

  • Release offer letters digitally
  • Collect all necessary documents online
  • Manage the approval or review process digitally

Constant Connection Enhances Mutual Win-Win

OPTEVUS connects recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, reduces time to hire, and increases quality of hire through best-in-class video interviewing software, offering the convenience of a structured, on-demand option and live virtual interviewing.

  • Interview scheduling with multiple options
  • Alerts & notifications via SMS/emails

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