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OPTEVUS, the cognitive Intelligence based talent management platform by Softpath System, LLC, uses next generation, advanced AI/ML technologies and solutions to help Enterprises, SMEs (Small and Medium enterprises) and Start-Ups, by using the right mix of video interviews and assessments solutions. Our intent is to provide niche, industry’s best-in-class, AIML based recruiting solutions.

Softpath is focusing on enabling products with next generation technologies in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and combining its inherent strengths in staffing services and consulting solutions.

We are invested in enabling companies to embrace the digital revolution by designing & implementing "AI/ML based Business-Driven" solutions for ever-changing business challenges. We focus on uniting people, processes, and technology while leveraging our expertise from our result-oriented successful client associations.

With that focus in mind, Softpath has designed a niche product and entity called OPTEVUS, LLC.

Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, flexible, and scalable AI/ML technology solutions that help improve your organization’s talent assessment and role fullfillment.

Softpath System has over two decades of experience in MDM (Master Data Management), Informatica, and Talent Management services with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries verticals in the US.

Sushumna Roy Jalajam (President) and Ravi Chander (CEO), founded Softpath System over two decades ago, and continue to lead OPTEVUS’s Management team with their clear vision, dedication, and strategic focus.

With our leadership having decades of collective experience in the staffing domain, our partnerships with some of the world’s best and AI/ML solutions providers, our certified and skilled teams and our best-in-class delivery models, we are well equipped to help you tackle all of your Staffing/Talent Management-related challenges. Our leadership team’s single-minded focus in delivering the latest innovations in AI/ML that makes your business more agile, with increased fill rates, all with less bias and discrimination.

With OPTEVUS, we improve your business operations by:

  • Extensive portfolio of Video Interview/Assessment services
  • 24x7x365 prescriptive/predictive AIML based talent management
  • Highly skilled and certified AIML professionals to automate manual recruiting process & reducing staffing operations
  • Leveraging our rich industry-wide experience in staffing Industry


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