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Live Video Interview
best video interviewing software

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Hire faster with hassle-free live or asynchronous interviews

Video Interview Software

Quickly Identify
Appropriate Candidates

Candidates apply by uploading their written and video resumes and answering client-designated questions so you can quickly determine if they are a good fit.

Video Interview Platform

Interactive Digital

Eliminate the hassle of in-person interviews by conducting superior online interviews that include multiple panel participants, live assessments, and digitized feedback by all panel members.

best video interview platform

Impersonation-Proof Technology

Automatically detect if an applicant is a registered candidate with AI-powered ID verification.

best video interview software

Uninterrupted Videos,
Even at Low Bandwidth

Well-tested on home, office, and mobile networks. Reap the benefits of high quality interviews even at bandwidths as low as 128kbps.

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Reduction time for manual pre-screening


Increase in Fill Rate


Reduction on total recruitment time

What Makes OPTEVUS Video Interview Software Different?


Video interviewing platform

Easy to Schedule Video and Ad-hoc Interviews

Easy for candidates to apply by accessing a link and recording responses to the employer’s initial questions to engage many more candidates and rapidly move qualified talent through the hiring funnel.

Replace your traditional phone and in-person interview process with live video interviews. Recruiters and hiring managers also have the ability to schedule ad-hoc video interviews and assessments that provide a more convenient process for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

Multiple client members can attend each video interview and everyone is requested to provide feedback on the candidate at the end of the session. Interview sessions and feedback are saved to the candidate’s profile and can be shared with anyone within the client team.

Online interview platform

Automated Interview Scoring

AI-enabled Automated Interview Scoring is now the best way to hire! With this new AI technology, you can save time and money. It is three times less biased than human interviewers so hiring teams will never have any regrets when deciding which candidate to choose.

Automated Interview Scoring uses a sophisticated scoring system to replicate the judgment of professionally trained experts. Using natural language processing, deep learning and data science techniques it helps to replicate the judgment of professionally trained experts.

Feedback categories are designated by the client when posting a job and the feedback provided by each panel member during each interview is consolidated to a weighted score that results in reduced bias and is stored in the platform for future reference.

best video interviewing software

Security and Compliance

All client and applicant data is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

We apply strong password policies for data access. Data can be deleted/extracted on request or as per contract.

Personally identifiable information is encrypted, and data transfers are encrypted using https or ssh. Audit trails and logs are maintained for all activities.


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