Online Assessment Tools

OPTEVUS provides access to multiple assessments that help determine the right candidate for right role.

Every organization striving to deliver the best products, services, or innovations requires an extraordinary workforce.
OPTEVUS assessment solutions are your compass for making better-informed talent decisions.

Candidate online assessment tool
Hire the Best Candidates

Incorporate assessments into your interview process to ensure candidates have the required skills for your open positions.

Candidate online assessment tool
Technical, Coding, & Cognitive Assessments

Conduct online assessments during an interview or schedule an ad-hoc assessment for candidates to take offline.

Candidate online assessment tool
Online Proctoring

AI-powered assessments include identity verification and automatically detect fraudulent behavior.

Assessment Features

Candidate online assessment tool

Set Up and Customize Your Assessments

Select your preferred assessment provider or create an assessment within the OPTEVUS platform and choose from technical, coding, or cognitive tests. With an intuitive and configurable multi-section workflow it is easy to select the type of test and tailor it to your needs.

candidate assessment platform

Stop Cheating in Online Examinations

Innovative features help you stay ahead of fraudulent activity with online proctoring. OPTEVUS flags suspicious behavior, immediately warning and blocking the candidates so that the integrity of test scores can be maintained at all times.

candidate assessment platform

Safe Assessment Browser

Optevus creates a 100% safe test environment by restricting access to system applications, other websites and offline assets while preventing unauthorized resources from being used during an assessment.


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